Photo by  Sherman Lee

Photo by Sherman Lee

ABOUT Chrystal

Hello! My name is Chrystal Park and I am the founder and lead coordinator for A Blissful Soirée! Event planning has always been my life-long passion. After I graduated undergrad at University of California, Irvine, I decided to follow my dreams and intern for a wedding planner/coordinator. I got the pleasure of interning for a high end celebrity event planner. During my time as an intern, it taught me how to communicate with vendors, focus on the details and time management. After working as an intern/assistant, I moved on to work as an assistant day coordinator for Rekindle Creative. Julia was not only my boss but a dear friend. We have the same passion when it comes to our career, family and faith. Seeing everything come to life after working on something for months is very rewarding. There is no greater feeling than seeing your client enjoy their day without any worries.

Without the encouragement and support from my friends and family, this business would not be here today. It wasn't until after I planned my own wedding, summer of 2013, I decided to use my God-given gifts and take the leap to start my own event company. With my wonderful husband supporting me each step of the way, I am excited to embark in this new chapter of my life as a wife and an entrepreneur.