womens seminar

BCC Women's Seminar

Event Date: October 25, 2014

About two weeks ago, our church held a Women's Seminar for all the sisters in the College, Young Adult and Family ministries. Our guest speaker was Mary Somerville and she spoke about "Jesus, the Pearl of Great Price." I really enjoyed spending time with my fellow sisters learning more about God and the most precious pearl, Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed worshipping, sharing and praying with my fellow sisters in Christ. While prepping for this event, I tried to incorporate Fall colors and some decor that would match the theme of the seminar. I knew I wanted to use red, orange, and yellow flowers to brighten up the tables and I also wanted to incorporate more Fall colors. After choosing my Fall color palette, I also decided to use some clear pearls to scatter across the table.  

Thank you to the sisters that were in the planning committee and to all the sisters that volunteered their time to help set-up and run the seminar. Thank you to all the brothers and College ministry that helped prep, set-up and clean. You guys are the best! Thank you Mary, for taking the time to share God's word and your testimony.