Hanami's First Birthday

When your client wants to plan and throw a cherry blossom themed 1st birthday (dohl), for their little girl, it’s only fitting especially when her name is Hanami. Her name means “flower” and “truth,” and her parents hope that she’ll be a flower that bears truth as she grows up. So with the theme in mind, we chose to work with cherry blossom colors such as pink, white, gold, and brown. We had so much fun making all the paper cherry blossoms for the backdrop for the head table. Upon arrival, guests were asked to take part in a Korean tradition of the doljabi. The sweets table was filled with delicious white and pink colored desserts. Some even in the shape of cherry blossoms! We had a great time designing this cherry blossom themed birthday and absolutely loved the cherry blossom designed cake by Merely Sweets. Alissa Noelle did an amazing job capturing all the lovely colors and details of this event!