Korinn and Aaron's Wedding

Last year was our first time planning a wedding at a college campus and working with food trucks and boy was it fun! It was perfect for these two college sweethearts who wanted a fun college themed wedding. Korinn and Aaron both graduated from UCLA and couldn't imagine their wedding anywhere else! They wanted to celebrate their special day at the place that meant the most to them and UCLA was the perfect venue! Our team assisted with planning and coordination while the bride designed their DIY wedding. The bride spent many hours collecting and cleaning jars, cutting out and decorating table numbers with gold glitter, made her own bridal bouquet and wait until you see the mirrored seating chart, yep, she did that too!

We love how they included some of their favorite date spots for their seating arrangements. This made it very personal and guests got to see where they spent their time together outside of school. Their wedding day was filled with delicious bites from various food trucks, tears from the father daughter dance, laughter from the speeches but most importantly, this wedding was God centered. The couple shared a glimpse of their testimony in front of their guests and it was absolutely beautiful to hear how they each came to Christ and how important it was for Him to be the center of their relationship. Check out some of our favorite moments from their summer college themed wedding! 

Korinn Aaron Wedding_434.jpg