We Are Featured on Friar Tux

We got to design a gorgeous styled shoot couple years ago, with some incredible vendors in the Inland Empire and it was a dream! It has been featured again on Friar Tux highlighting one of their suits that we borrowed and it brings back all the memories of this amazing shoot! Check out the full feature here:


Ornellas 50th Surprise Anniversary Soirée

There is nothing sweeter than being married to your partner for 50 years and having a surprise party for this big milestone is something no one will forget! Especially when it was planned by your own children. Ryan and his sister had done just that for their parents and you can just see how much they love their parents. We have worked with Ryan and his family in the past, planning his twins Hawaiian themed first birthday back in 2014 and we were so excited to be working with their family again. Rod and Gylene were about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and Ryan wanted it to be very special. Rod and Gylene were aware that their kids were planning a party but they didn’t know they were going to renew their vows at the same church they had wedded 50 years ago. All of their family and close friends were awaiting for their arrival and Gylene’s expression was priceless!

After the vow renewal, everyone headed to The Foundation Center to celebrate this big milestone! Chloe+Mint provided the gorgeous flowers and Hawaiian Luau fed all the guests delicious Hawaiian food. But one of the highlights of the evening was the incredible performance by Moana Nui. The guests got to leave a little present for Rod and Gylene at the polaroid station and each guest got to enjoy a delicious slice of paradise delight cake, provided by King’s Hawaiian. We also ordered custom party favors with the couples photo on minted tins so each guest could remember this special evening. Everyone just had a great time celebrating Rod and Gylene and their 50 years of love! Thanks to Grace Yellow, we can relive some of our favorite moments!

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Yiqian and Jerome's Wedding

Last August, one of our very own assistant’s got married to her best friend and our team was so excited to be able to help them celebrate their big day! Like all relationships, they started off as friends but there was some miscommunication, waiting and prayer, and in the end, God brought these two together in His own timing. And when you work in the wedding industry, it can get very overwhelming planning your own wedding because you’ve seen it all. But for Yiqian and Jerome, they wanted to focus on just celebrating their special day with loved ones.

They got married at Westside Museum and they shared their love for God through worship, message and prayer. Yiqian and Jerome each wrote their own personal vows which brought a lot of laughter and tears. Hanna, from Echo Floral, did a beautiful job with all the fresh florals and we are just so in love with Yiqian’s bridal bouquet! The guests got to enjoy appetizers and dinner which was provided by Boathouse Collective and even got to play a game of pool and shuffleboard. They also got to enjoy delicious strawberry croissant’s from Cream Pan. One of the most memorable moment had to have been when the groom and his friends started a mosh pit during open dancing. Who knew heavy metal music could be played during open dancing? Tae, from The Times We Have, captured the day so beautifully and below are just some of our favorite moments!

Yiqian _ Jerome Wedding-16.jpg
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